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I’m so excited to share my NEW Coaching Program, “Renew YOU and Love Your Life!” You deserve to wake up in the morning feeling excited about the day ahead! This Transformational 90-day Coaching Program helps you hit the Refresh Button.

Join me and discover what makes your heart sing! Together, we’ll set meaningful goals and craft a path to a life you love. Don’t waste any more time putting off your heart’s desires. Embrace your passion and create a joyful life with our 3-month Coaching Program.

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Three Months to Loving Your Life!

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About Mike

Mike is a husband to Terri for over 40 years and a dad to Mandy and Mitchel.  He loves the Atlanta Braves and his new dog Remmi.


Who I Am and Why I Want to Help You Succeed

My belief is that you can be extraordinary, and you can learn to take control of your life.  I want you to get out of bed each morning with an excitement you’ve never had before.  I want you to be in control of where you are heading and not continually chasing things just out of your reach.  I want you to have confidence and, most of all, peace about your future.

After years of drifting and not having a purpose, I discovered how to make things happen and how to have true direction in life.  Now, I have realized that I can help others do the same.  I learned that I could help others transform from being overwhelmed to being in-control.

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Our Pricing





Our 3-Month Program



Greatest Savings

13 Weekly Sessions

Each Session 45 Minutes

Unlimited Email Support

Free Session for First Time Clients

Our 3-Month Program



3 Monthly Payments

13 Weekly Sessions

Each Session 45 Minutes

Unlimited Email Support

Free Session for First Time Clients

Our 3-Month Program



13 Weekly Payments

13 Weekly Sessions

Each Session 45 Minutes

Unlimited Email Support

Free Session for First Time Clients

I Will Be Your Greatest Advocate

As your coach, I will always guide you in the right direction.  Here are some things you can count on:  I will encourage you and be your best cheerleader.  I will gently hold you accountable to do the things you agree to do.  I will help you develop a plan to move forward.  I will never judge you for past mistakes because we’ve all made them.  I will always treat you with respect and work to earn your trust and confidence in all we discuss.

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A Life Coach is someone who is qualified to support, encourage, challenge and motivate you to achieve your goals. A coach is a good active listener that can pick up from your voice what you are really thinking and will facilitate you to take actions to move yourself towards your goals. They will celebrate your successes, help you discover how to overcome obstacles, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and enable you to move forward at a far greater pace than you could achieve on your own, with the ultimate aim of you achieving your goals and discovering a much happier life.
Coaching works because it focuses you on exactly what you want to achieve and gets you there faster. We go through life constantly busy ‘doing things’, but very rarely do we stop and consider our future, and where we want to be. By using a Life Coach you are able to do just that, with the aid of a coach who is 100% dedicated to you and your future. They will listen, encourage, support and motivate you. The Life Coach is able to keep you focused and, through their experience and expertise, you will be able to identify options available to you, that you may not have ever considered.
From my experience every type of individual has come to me for coaching. The only traits these people have in common are the desire to change part of their life so they are happier, and the realization that they will stay focused and get there quicker with the support of a coach.
During each session we will recap the actions from the last session and look at general progress and successes. We will then set a ‘session goal’ to clearly set out what you want to achieve by the end of the day’s session. We then explore where you are at the moment with that particular goal; what you have tried; what has worked and any obstacles you have come across along the way. We then explore all the possible options in achieving that goal, using lots of techniques to really extract options that you have never thought of before. Lastly and most importantly we look at what actions you want to set yourself from the list of options to achieve that session’s goal.
Most sessions last approximately 45 minutes. Our sessions are typically weekly but the duration and frequency of sessions can be adjusted to accommodate your schedule.
This depends on what you want to achieve with your coaching. Our standard Program is over 3 months or about 13 weeks. Most people come to a Coach with a life changing goal in mind. In order to achieve this we look at smaller goals, that need to be achieved each session, to move you closer to your overall goal. For some people this may be accomplished during our 13 weeks. Others will be quicker and some will take longer. We will work together as long as you feel it is beneficial.
In most cases the coaching will take place over the phone. This has proven to be the most convenient way for individuals to fit coaching into their busy lives. Other than the phone, you will need a quiet room with no distractions where you can totally focus on the conversation. I have conducted video coaching sessions for some clients but that is totally up to you if you prefer that option.
Coaching is actually less expensive than seeing most health professionals. We offer three payment options. The entire 3 month program can be paid in a one-time payment of $240.00, or 3 monthly payments of $90.00 each month or 13 weekly payments of $25.00 each week. This is really is a very small price to pay for the life changing experience that you desire.
To get the best from Coaching, you need have a positive attitude towards the achievement of your goal. You need to be totally open, trusting and honest within the coaching relationship. You need to have the time and commitment to complete the actions that you set for yourself at the end of each session. These actions are what will move you closer to your overall goal. Ultimately your level of commitment will directly influence the speed and extent to which your goals will be realized. To help you with all of this, the coach provides motivation, support and encouragement within a confidential and non-judgemental environment.
The benefits of Coaching include having someone that is solely dedicated to you and the achievement of your goals. They are non-judgemental, supportive, encouraging and motivating just when you need it. They keep you focused on where you want to be and moving forward in the right direction. They will enable you to get to where you want to be in life, much faster than you could on your own.

It is Never Too Late

“It doesn’t matter how messy life has become; it’s never too late for God to do a miracle. It’s never too late for God to restore your family, your health, your mind. It’s never too late for Him to put your life back together.”

Louie Giglio

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