Home is Where the Heart Is

home is where the heart isOver this past weekend, I was riding around town and noticed several homes that were under construction.  Construction had just begun on one home with only the foundation visible.  Another home had been fully framed and was slowly transforming into a beautiful home.  Yet another home appeared to be fully completed other than some outside landscaping that needing completing.  In God’s word it says that HE goes to prepare a place for us, our heavenly home.  It suddenly occurred to me that God has been preparing this Heavenly home for me for all of eternity–up until the time I am no longer on this earth.  This weekend, I witnessed how amazing it was to see how homes were constructed from basically nothing to completed mansions.  Imagine how much more beautiful our Heavenly Home will be after God’s eternal preparation!

As you go through this week, remind yourself of how blessed you are that our Heavenly Father loves you so much that HE has an eternal home for you.

May God Continue to Guide Your Path,


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